Thursday, April 19, 2012

Christopher Ram behind controversial AFC Budget cut proposal

Liveinguyana has learnt through one of our undercover operatives that Christopher Ram is the architect of the AFC's failed Budget cut proposal which would've put hundreds of public servants out of jobs.
The picture above was secretly taken by an agent in Parliament where Ram was handing over documents detailing the proposed cuts to Ramjattan.


  1. Christopher Ram must have proposed $1 trillion dollars for himself every hour to fund his promiscuous lifestyle with underaged boys and girls at his brother's rum shop. Christopher Ram is a cocaine dealer and wife beater. He is an evil man. Christopher Ram has the mind of Adolf Hitler. Dangerous criminal.

  2. The reward for your labors is the feeling of having done one’s duty for the movement, for Christopher Ram, for Guyana.

    All of you, whether political leader, PP, Ram & McRae employee or Guyana Lawn Tennis Association share a common pride: Being a member of APNU, a PNC in disguise!

    You are all the scouts and the defenders of the APNU army of the movement. You are each indispensable and equal. Each of you is as unique in history as Christopher Ram dealings with Salim Azeez itself. You are typically Propaganda Press.