Sunday, April 1, 2012

There's a group of people in this country who simply cannot be pleased

The DPP had recommended that charges be laid against the treason trio that were just dismissed by a magistrate. The charges, it appears, had not been framed to satisfy the elements of a crime that only had two elements! So the government is embarrassed and the opposition is happy. Never mind what it says about our ability to uphold law and order by knowing our law.

Now the DPP recommends that charges of ‘rape’ be brought against the commissioner of police. The CoP submits that the sex was consensual and that the evidence presented did not satisfy the elements of “rape”. He pleads the matter to the chief justice – as is his right. After a lengthy scrutiny of the evidence, the chief justice makes a judgement that the CoP rather than the DPP is correct.

So what do some extra-parliamentary hotshots in the Opposition do? They picket the chief justice. Benschop of the AFC screams that the CoP should have resigned after he admitted to sex – consensual or otherwise – since this was a clear conflict with his duties towards a person who came to him to resolve a prior crime.

But this is a completely different matter from the CoP submitting that the elements of rape against him are not satisfied. So the opposition wants Greene to be incarcerated for three years while the DPP sorts out the charge? Dolts!

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  1. As a rape victim who subsequently fell in love with his rapist in the Georgetown Prisons benschop should know the difference between rape and consensual sex.
    Perhaps if he should stop fantasizing about being raped by Henry Greene he would leave the man alone. The man clearly like women. ONLY LADIES IN HIS MERCEDES. Get that rap?