Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Building Society announces $772M profit

Housing mortgage lender, New Building Society (NBS) has recorded $772 million in profits for last year, an increase of 34 per cent over the previous year, the bank’s chairman, Dr Nanda Kishore Gopaul said. Dr Gopaul will read his report at the institution’s annual general meeting slated for later this month.

He said this performance was achieved despite the bank reduced its mortgage rates for lower, middle and higher income mortgagors at the beginning of the year from 4.75 per cent, 6.95 per cent and 7.95 per cent to 4.25 per cent, 6.25 per cent and 7.45 per cent respectively.
“We will continue to strive for better terms and conditions for our mortgagors, since our main objective is still to ensure that as many persons as possible own their homes. This remains an objective that existed since 1940 when we were first established,” Dr Gopaul, who is also the labour minister, said. He noted that during the year under review, the NBS disbursed mortgage advances for the year totalling $4.2 billion, another record, which was 43 per cent higher than the previous year. The mortgage portfolio is 52 per cent of assets or 61 per cent of total savings. This must be viewed as being sound in financial terms, Dr Gopaul asserted.
According to him, although total mortgages increased by nine per cent, and is currently $23,572 million at year-end, asset quality continues to be excellent “as we recorded very low levels of arrears of 0.4 per cent, and a similar percentage for provisioning on loan impairment”.
With respect to those persons who are in arrears, Dr Gopaul said they are generally mortgagors who genuinely fall on bad times or those who are bad managers of their affairs or those who have no intention of paying. “Fortunately, the percentage for the last category is very small where the overwhelming majority of borrowers view their repayment obligations very seriously. For those few who face financial difficulties, the society will do its best to assist including repayment re-arrangements. We however, will not shirk in our responsibility to protect the society’s interest against defaulters.”
The society’s savings balance as at December 31, 2011 was $38,474 million or 85 per cent of total assets, and grew by eight per cent over the previous year. This growth is due to the higher interest rates which on average are paid by the society and is the benefit of the mutual status of building societies, and the fact that they are not profit-maximising businesses, Dr Gopaul explained. He added that building societies are mutual organisations and are dependent on the funds provided by their investing members to make home loans affordable and readily available. They are thus committed to ensuring the integrity of all deposit funds under their care.
Meanwhile, with respect to total assets, it grew by nine per cent to $45.4 billion, while reserves stood at $6.7 billion, representing 15 per cent of total assets or 17 per cent of Members’ Funds. These ratios are among the highest in the financial sector and offered greater protection for depositors, whose funds are of paramount importance, Dr Gopaul said.

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  1. This is a good sign for this compant cause over the years it has been able to maintain a steadily profit increase.Keep it up and continue to work for help we guyanese people.