Saturday, April 14, 2012

Williams Lacks the Moral Authority to Speak on the Criminal Justice System

It was a classic case of Basil Williams once again putting his foot in his mouth during the fourth day of debates on the 2012 national budget in the National Assembly. Basil Williams is a man with aspirations to one day become the leader of the PNC and subsequently the President of Guyana. Should this ever happen, God Forbid, Guyana would end up becoming a state engulfed in criminality of the worst kind, more than anything that would have taken place in Rwanda or Bosnia.
This man Basil Williams is the PNC’s shadow Legal Affairs Minister in Parliament, is known for his sexual harassment of young interns at his office and those attached to the offices of his colleagues in the legal fraternity. Speak with any young intern and immediately Basil’s amorous advances will be highlighted. The venue of choice is usually the sidewalk cafĂ© frequented by Williams and his colleagues.
It was interesting to note that in his attempts to catapult himself into the leadership limelight of the PNC when the five criminals escaped on February 23rd 2002, which led to Guyana descending into a state of criminality where women were brutally raped and executed, an elderly man died after being made into a human torch and police were randomly executed; Guyana was at the mercy of these killers and their political masters Basil was seen partying with the leader of the Buxton Five Dale Moore on Buxton Line top celebrating the murderer’s birthday. Why did he chose to be in such company is obvious, the Mash day Jailbreak was orchestrated by the PNC so to was the subsequent events that followed, where members of the PNC became the intellectual authors of the crime spree, indoctrinating the criminals with a murderous brand of political ideology, known as PNC savagism.
What has therefore become the biggest travesty and the public ought to be cognizant of this fact is that, Basil is now heavily critical of the DPP chambers suggesting inter alia that the that office has lost its way in Guyana’s justice system. This coming from someone who tried to undermine the justice system by being in collusion with the Buxton murderers not freedom fighters. It is in fact Basil who has lost his way.

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  1. A disturbing trend with Kaieteur News is that Glenn lall only publishes letters from well-known critics, leaving open debates barred from the rest of the public.
    APNU, AFC, Chris Ram, Malcolm Harripaul, et al are using up the letter columns when it was intended for the voters of Guyana!!!!!