Saturday, April 7, 2012

D’Souza nails Harripaul's big lie

Earlier this week, we referred to the Opposition fascists in our midst, using Goebbelsian propaganda tactic. They repeat the big lie so often eventually some people begin to believe it. The comment was prompted by APNU-convert Malcolm Harripaul’s letter denying Burnham was a dictator. He elaborated on supposedly “worse atrocities” committed by the PPP.
As an illustration, after poignantly mentioning being in “Lil ABC and Big ABC” with women’s activists Karen D’Souza in Leguan, Harripaul wrote, “… about the time in late 1992 when the PPP was restored to government and Karen and a group of WPA women supporters tried to picket Parliament. The police tried to strip search Karen and baton charged the group forcing them to flee up Brickdam whilst some of Janet Jagan’s “intellectuals” clapped their hands in glee.”
Well it didn’t take long for Harripaul’s whopper to be nailed. D’Souza sent a note to the press: “This incident actually occurred some time before 1992”. Meaning, of course, that the baton-charge and attempted strip search of Ms D’Souza took place during the Burnhamite dictatorship! Such brutal and public humiliation of opposition politicians was quite the norm during those days – Harripaul himself has written of being on the receiving end of such “condign” treatment (Burnham’s words) from Burnham’s goons. Amnesia? Nope. Just fascist bile.
When it was not the police breaking up gatherings, PNC big wigs like Hamilton Green would swing into action – such as his famous outing against strikers outside Guyana Stores. The most ubiquitous were the dreaded House of Israel, which was given overt state support specifically for this purpose. The infamous stabbing-murder of Fr Darke was committed by a House of Israel thug only a stone’s throw away from Brickdam Police Station.
After protests that saw sections of Georgetown going up in smoke; hundreds of citizens beaten and brutalised; armed “Freedom Fighters” taking on the state and killing dozens of innocent citizens, where has the PPP restricted political picketing in that fashion?
But this is the record that the fascists are trained to ignore. Ms D’Souza reminded the opposition that, “we must be accurate in our making those criticisms (of the govt)”. We’re not holding our breath. The big lie is the fascist way. Democracy will only be preserved when ordinary citizens close their minds to them.

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