Sunday, July 19, 2009


A detective examines one of the Molotov cocktails.

An attempt was this afternoon made to destroy the Ministry of Works facility on the Kingston Railway Embankment.. We have learnt that the 2 channa bombs failed to ignite. They were discovered by an employee who was carrying out some cleaning works near the western fence of the compound.
The devices which consisted of two bottles filled with chick peas (channa) and nails fitted with pieces of cloth at the mouth.
Several employees, including an engineer, occupy a section of the building as temporary living quarters. The compound houses millions of dollars in equipment.
The employee who made the discovery said that he was burning rubbish when his supervisor asked that he clear some debris near the western fence.
“I observe the two bottles, but me ain’t really know wha is it so I just call me friend and tell he ‘man watch you get channa inside a bottle hey so’ and he say is channa bomb,” the employee related. He said that he picked up the bottles and took them to a safe place.
Detectives said that the devices did not pose any threat when it was found since it was devoid of any flammable liquid.

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