Thursday, July 30, 2009

Juliet Holder-Allen's racist out-burst!

Yesterday morning during an interview on HBTV Channel 9's First Look programme, disgraced former Chief Magistrate, now turned politician,with her back against the wall after being named by one of the MOH's arson accused as one of its intellectual authors, resorted to an all out attack on the Indo-Guyanese population. She drew extensively from the work of Kean Gibson and expounded profusely on what she termed the discrimination being meted out by this group of the low caste Indians against Guyanese of African ancestry.

She urged her Afro-Guyanese brothers and sisters to stand up against this act and it was felt that she was perhaps inferring that they should join her in the destruction of public buildings and disruption of the peace and tranquility we have been enjoying with the death of the 'Freedom Fighters". A sweat laden Holder-Allen during the interview seemed also very agitated and this must be in light of an expression of interest in her by law enforcement officials.

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  1. PPP tolerate a lot of scunt. Action should have been taken a long time ago. These burnhamites should have been exposed since 2002.