Friday, July 17, 2009

More Fire, Slow Fire restarted!

It seems as though the More Fire, Slow Fire campaign has restarted. Within the past few days we have noticed an intensification of destabilizing activities, particularly by the infamous 3 Musketeers (Benschop, Lewis and Witter) and to a latter extent Corbin the insignificant who warned that Guyanese must be prepared for actions similar to those that ousted the democratically elected President of Honduras and the Pepper Sauce party (AFC).

The destabilizers have taken on a new low with the setting afire of the Ministry of Health's main building around 2 a.m this morning! The building was completely gutted resulting in damages amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars and the loss of a significant amount of medical records, documents etc.

All decent minded Guyanese should resist every attempt by the Benschops, Lewis' and Witters aimed at taking our country down this destructive path once again which is solely aimed at achieving their self serving interest!

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