Friday, July 17, 2009

Three men spotted leaving Ministry of Health compound shorty before fire!

Eye witness reports indicate that 3 men wearing dark clothing were spotted hurriedly leaving the compoundd through the Hadfield street entrance of the Ministry of Health shortly before the fire was discovered. It was also reported that the men entered a dark coloured car with yellow containers in hand.

The Ministry of Health's main building was this morning set on fire and this was after former talk show host Mark Benschop ,Trade
Unionists Norris Witter and Lincon Lewis were released from the Brickdam lock-ups amidst chants of More Fire, Slow Fire and promises by the trio to continue their destabilization efforts.
A few years back Benschop led a demonstration which resulted in the storming of Office of the President and the subsequent death of 2 persons. He was later charged for treason and was the recipient of a Presidential Pardon.

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