Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hammie blamed for Corruption at City Hall................Which is nothing new!

Commissioner of Inquiry into City Hall affairs, Mr. Keith Burrowes, angrily lashed out at Mayor Hamilton Green, accusing him of “interference” and a highly suspicious attempt to detract from core issues which will compromise the integrity of the much-anticipated Inquiry report that will be made public on Friday.

Burrowes said the Mayor, during the investigations, was most times clueless and unable to provide him with any kind of constructive information, and he has had to resort to the more comprehensive information being provided by the Deputy Mayor, Mr. Robert Williams.

The Commissioner disclosed that the Inquiry report will show that the M&CC’s lack of implementation of a number of fundamental things has nothing to do with bureaucracy, as claimed by the Mayor at a news conference he hosted yesterday, but just pure incompetence under Green’s poor leadership at City Hall.

He also chastised the Mayor for shying away from taking responsibility and always blaming the government, somebody or something for his incompetence.

“What exactly is he (Green) responsible for? Is it just for the perks that go along with the office of Mayor?” questioned a very emotional Burrowes during an invited comment last night regarding some scathing remarks made earlier in the day by the Mayor.

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