Friday, July 3, 2009

Corbin threatens Norton as the Passa Passa erupts!

PNCR leader Robert Corbin has threatened party executive Aubrey Norton with a libel suit over accusations made about the controversial Georgetown District Confer-ence voting last Sunday.

Norton, who has said the process that saw him voted out of the Georgetown District Chairmanship was fraudulent, received a letter from Corbin alleging that he had libelled him in comments made to

the Stabroek News. “Unless I read a public retraction and receive an apology from you, I will instruct my attorneys to seek redress in the Courts,” Corbin wrote to Norton, in the letter dated July 1, 2009.

But Norton yesterday told Stabroek News that he had not said anything “libellous” and is “not apologising.” Further, he added that if Corbin proceeded with the suit, he would see him in court.

Norton has said that the voting process that saw him losing the chairmanship of the Georgetown District to party co-chair Volda Lawrence-who was widely believed to be backed by Corbin-was fraudulent. He lost the vote, 96 to 220.

Corbin, however, has maintained that the vote was transparent, saying while three complaints were lodged with the returning officer and would be investigated they had noting to do with a discrepancy in the vote.

Moreover, saying that he was present for the voting process and would be “aware if any fraudulent activities occurred,” Corbin asserted that the vote was transparent. He also said the party is willing to investigate any claims of fraud should a formal complaint be made. Commenting briefly on the process itself, he stated that the representatives from both sides accompanied the ballots to have them counted. With respect to the results, he said that there was no word of any dissent from Norton and his supporters.


  1. And this is supposed to be the "main opposition" in Guyana?? WOW .........looks like the tiger hasn't changed his stripes a bit!

    Let's hope Norton dont turn this into a situation like in Iran.....

  2. Corbin still has his skills!! Norton should have seen this coming a long time now. He is the only one left there that could challenge Corbin for the party’s leadership after most of their stalwarts have vanished at the hands of Corbin.

    Well we see the tactics being used by Corbin to win elections……how encouraging!