Wednesday, July 8, 2009

LETTER BOX: Khemraj resorts to camouflage to protect his name.

Elizabeth Daly: Tarron Khemraj has surely round up a few patrons, namely, Gerhard Ramsaroop, Robin Williams, and Anan Boodram, in an attempt to redeem his name. However, this strategy will fail, since the comments of these people are clearly just an attempt to reinforce his erroneous position, and they have nothing of substance to offer. Responding to these three camouflage-makers is a waste of time, since their agenda is already heavily tilted against this Government.

Once again, I say, Tarron Khemraj should stop knocking all of Guyana’s economic and developmental gains because he is too opinionated and has failed to consider the outlook of others. He presents his position as if it is carved in stone, failing to understand that the social sciences are unlike mathematics. Guyana is not yet deemed developed, but it surely is on the right path towards development, and this can only continue with the support of its people. Tarnishing the accomplishments of a poor nation will not do.

In the same way that Khemraj realises the impact one little letter can have on his name, and to acknowledge his swiftness to round up his three musketeers to redeem his name, the same impact applies to the name of Guyana. He will need quite a few more musketeers to restore some redemption to his credibility.

Let us have a meaningful debate now. Khemraj should stop the camouflage to protect his name. This will not do; before he starts criticising Guyana, he should tell us what specific development has taken place. Or maybe, the three musketeers may care to respond.

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