Thursday, July 30, 2009

Media helping to shift focus in light of the Ministry of Health's burning by political opposition members and their associates!

At a press conference in the Office of the President complex in Georgetown, Mr. Jagdeo said catching those responsible for the MOH's fire and condemning the arson as a reprehensible act have been shifted into the background and there’s a new, clever campaign emerging that is supported by some members of the media.

This, he charged, is designed to focus attention away from “this reprehensible act” and the loss it represents for the country to “so-called human rights issues”.

He referred to the editorial in yesterday’s Kaieteur News which he said found everything wrong about the $25M reward offered for information that could help the investigation, the operations of the security forces “but nothing about the people who committed this dastardly act.”

“This is disgusting but a very clever strategy”, he declared, adding that the aim is to blow up other issues to such an extent that the act and the people behind it are masked.

The President said a suspect in the case has been linked to a former Chief Magistrate who claims she is being discriminated against.

“But I see that as a preemptive strike because one of the so-called recruiters claims he’s her friend; she’s saying he’s family; he drove the vehicle to the Meadowbrook area where they were making the bombs that night”, he said.

Mr. Jagdeo added that the former Chief Magistrate was among others present when three men were arrested for protesting outside Police headquarters not long before the fire.

“...when you consider that… the former Chief Magistrate was one of those who was there also, then a picture of what took place starts emerging; but some sections of the media are not interested in that”, he said.

He charged that those behind the diversion campaign are trying to “make it look like the whole government is beating people on the streets and violating their human rights and all of that stuff” while ignoring the good part of the investigation.

“This is the kind of warped logic that we have in this country and it’s all a smokescreen painted deliberately so that people don’t see the real issue and the perpetrators and what’s happening”, he argued.

“It’s a campaign”, he stressed.

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  1. Media helping to shift focus in light of the Ministry of Health's "bruning" by political opposition members and their associates! Wham, like u too getting slow fire...check u spellings man..then must criticise other people!