Monday, August 3, 2009

LETTER BOX: You cannot have it both ways

SEAN BRIGNANDAN: HOLLYWOOD has produced many films that are believable by the public. Some of these films involve a 'trial' in which the trial judge, the trial lawyers, the witnesses, the media, the attendant public and even the person on trial are said to be believable in their acting. Yet, the trial is a staged managed event which ordinary people buy into.

If the Americans had any information that linked the Government of Guyana with Roger Khan (who it is believed works for American intelligence hence, the equipment which is specialised as a SatNav. While popular in America, would not work in Guyana until the Guyana maps are installed in it ) it is like trying to use your American SatNav in Europe. It just will not work. Are we to believe that this small company in America had a specialised SatNav of Guyana just on the off-chance a Guyanese turned up and purchase the equipment? The very first thing American intelligence would have done was to approach their State Department and their government to have Guyana blacklisted so that no more aid, debt relief or loans flows to Guyana, which did not what happen.

We have no way in verifying who Roger Khan, Robert Simels, the judges, the prosecution, the media and all public attendants work for? Are they just ordinary people or are they American CIA Agents working to damage Guyana because they saw a couple of Eddy Murphy films?

What is clear is that the 'trial' is a staged managed event that seeks to discredit the current Guyanese government so that the CIA could plant their puppet in control of Guyana much like they did in Iraq. But, I believe that I know a certain segment of American intelligence. While on one hand they are supporting you, they tend to turn around and start gunning for you. Just like the mastermind on one hand uses 'Fineman' and some police officers who believe they are fighting for Black Power then turn around and gun them down to prevent any linkage between the masterminds and their underlings.

I suggest that those people who were involved in The Ministry of Health firebombing do not take on any more 'missions' for your mastermind as it may just be your last mission as was the case of ‘Fineman.’

Let us not forget that both Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden both at one time worked for American CIA. How are those two CIA puppets doing now? Since when can you just work for the CIA then resign because you are Prime Minister/President?

The weakest link is the GPS Laptop that was supplied by this company that just happens to have a GPS Laptop for sale with the Guyana map preloaded. I suggest that people do not bother to use a different GPS system when they move to America from Europe as you really can triangulate a person’s position with a Laptop without having the prerequisite American map loaded. You can never use a Laptop to triangulate a person’s position when the Map of Guyana is not loaded (unless you 'tagged' a person) unless you had access to specialised American intelligence hardware like dedicated communications satellites.

What would you want to believe? That Roger Khan can triangulate (look up the meaning of the word triangulate) a person’s location with a Laptop yet American Intelligence does not know where Osama Bin Laden is? Even before the American invaded peaceful Afghanistan American intelligence would have been aware of the objectives of the invasion and the first thing they would do is to use a satellite to monitor and lock onto Osama Bin Laden.

Basically, unless you accept that the actual location, of Osama Bin Laden is known by the American Secret Service you would have to discredit the information from the intelligence Laptop that Roger Khan used in triangulation. You cannot have it both ways.

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