Monday, August 17, 2009

PNCR grouping pushing for postponement of congress

-argues membership register massively riddled with irregularities

A grouping within the main opposition party, the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), is pushing for the postponement of its 16th triennial congress scheduled for this weekend, a reliable source told us.
According to the source, the grouping is arguing for the postponement of the congress on the grounds that the membership is massively riddled with irregularities such as being padded with non-members of the party, non-financial members and the names of dead persons. The grouping is contending further that unless the issue of the cleaning up of the membership register is not resolved to its satisfaction, the congress should not be proceeded with.
This dramatic development comes against the backdrop of a strong challenge to current leader Robert Corbin from several challengers, including Dr. Van West Charles and former chairman Winston Murray.
The source noted also that this development follows on the heels of the charge of election rigging at the District level of the party between Aubrey Norton and Ms. Volda Lawrence for the post of chairman, which the latter won, and the former charging that the elections were heavily rigged. This led to caustic and acrimonious exchanges between Norton and Corbin, with the latter filing a law suit against the former.
At the last PNCRcongress, a similar scenario was built up involving a team headed by Vincent Alexander. However, the source said this time around, the situation is even graver than on the last occasion, and the already noticeable divisions could become wider and deeper.
Political observers feel that the party which is in a state of disarray could slide further to the point of a near collapse if the current internal squabbling is not brought to a quick halt.
Dr. Charles is a former Minister of Health, and the son-in-law of the late President L.F.S Burnham, who after being away from the local political arena for many years, has returned to the political fold of the party posing a stiff leadership challenge to Mr. Corbin.

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  1. They will always have to postpone the elections. They P.N.C are not a stable body. They only are concern with how to get power. I am waiting to see P.N.C members protesting their fellow members at congress place.