Monday, August 10, 2009

The PNC/R elections brou-ha-ha continues!

-Corbin suspected of doing "Jiggery Pokerey" of his own

Reports are circulating that there are already concerns being raised as to the credibility of the elections to be held in order for the leader of the PNC/R to be elected at the party's congress slated for August 21-22 at Congress Place.

Questions are being asked about the sudden jump in membership and Winston Murray, Van West Charles as well as Aubrey Norton are all threatening to withdraw from the elections placing the PNC in further turmoil if their demands for verification of the list of potential voters are not met.

Further, investigations by the Pro-Van West Charles faction has found that dead party comrades have had their party cards renewed as recent as last week, including the late Desmond Hoyte!


  1. Here is your typical election results from PNC days.

    PNC=85% of votes PPP=10% of votes

    Does that make you fell better…Rigging was the game, today its called “free and fair”

  2. Anonymous them days that done,all they can do now is looking for actors to testify as witness in court against the PPP/C on spy equipment,etc.Them boys can write good script-you know.