Thursday, August 20, 2009

Are all 'Black' people 'Thugs' Ramjattan?

With the heat on his ass, AFC Co-leader Khemraj Ramjattan, yesterday during an interview aired on MTV 65 News Update described the group of protesters that descended on his North Road office as "a bunch of thugs mostly from America street"!

Ramjattan needs to urgently clarify his statement! He needs to say for instance what caused him to describe the protesters as a 'bunch of thugs'? Was it the colour of their skin since it was noticeable that all the protesters were of one particular ethnic grouping? Was it the fact that the group consisted of four persons sporting dreadlocks? Or did Ramjattan know these people before-hand as he proclaimed that they were not PPP people?

In a time gone by, particularly before Ramjattan's expulsion from the PPP, PNC protesters were labeled 'thugs' by many PPP speakers and Ramjattan's continued stance is indicative of his inability to rid himself of his PPP tendencies even whilst he proclaims himself and party to be proponents of 'CHANGE'!

Where is Eric Phillips on this? Where is ACDA?


  1. Therefore when Corbin lead the protest against the PPP administration and the president,he and his followers are supposed to be thugs too.

  2. I guess ACDA and Eric Phillips only seek to concern themselves with criminals as opposed to lawful protesters, who do so within the law. We don't see any burning or looting so ACDA won't get involved. The protest is too peaceful for ACDA to get involved.