Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Corbin continues to beat that dead horse!

Corbin continues to beat that dead horse we come to call the PNC/R!
So far all of the PNC protest activities have consisted of around 30 to 100 mostly unemployed senior citizens, a few vendors who seek to readily cash in on the sale of beverages and large contingents of media operatives, some readily partaking in protest activities. Nowhere do we see those large numbers that Hoyte had been able to muster.

Persons are also ascribing the current protest actions by Corbin as an attempt to show militancy in light of the impending party congress and current infighting party!
Noticeably absent from protest activities are many of the party's senior leaders, including those embroiled in the challenge to Corbin for the party's leadership.
Missing in action are the Norton cabal, the Alexander faction and the Van West wing whilst the Allys, Lawrences, Williams', Ernest Elliots, Vanessa Kissoons, Selmans and Riehls remains steadfast to Corbin's sinking ship!
Notice also taken of the visible absence of the PNC's fractured youth arm (GYSM).........why?


  1. Corbin propa beating duh old and mangled horse! If ya see old women deh got protesting! Me fren tell me that Sarah from Durban Street is almost 79 going on to 80. She might soon collapse!

  2. Anonymous......I agree with you. Just passed them outside of Office of the around 20 old men and women. Has protesting become a profession for some? Especially Hazel and Shiela Prescottt!

  3. i know the give some begger a thousand and tell them to walk down the road and they do fuh the lil change.