Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Why did Simels speak to Freddie Kissoon? And on what basis?

Today's Kaieteur News reports that Roger Khan's lawyer has admitted in Court, under oath, to meeting UG Lecturer and Kaieteur News Columnist, Frederick Kissoon during one of his four visits to Guyana in an attempt to obtain information about the country and the Khan’s narcotics charges.

This is very strange, since Kissoon is not a reporter, hence, this could not have been the basis for the meeting with Kissoon. Neither could it have been as a result of Kissoon's academic background as Guyana is over-flowing with far more qualified academics than Kissoon and Simels himself would've been made aware of that. Neither is Kissoon considered a credible academic as is often proven in his exchanges with those of an academic background.

Hence, the question must be asked.........WHY DID SIMELS INTERVIEW FREDERICK KISSOON?

One thought that came to mind though was simple using logical deduction. It has been mentioned before that Kissoon is in the habit of demanding favours from businessmen, especially during the period of the construction of his Mansion at Turkeyen. It is possible that he might've received similar assistance from Roger Khan during his(Roger Khan's) heydays and now that Roger Khan's attorney needed to build a defense during the Roger Khan trial he sought Kissoon's assistance in the form of a testimonial of Roger Khan's character by Kissoon.
There couldn't have been a more suitable candidate than Freddie. He his known to be a fierce critic of the ruling party and administration and would come across as an unblemished public figure.

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