Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can anyone remember the good old days?

Can anyone remember the good old days when it was considered illegal to be in possession of Bread, Split Peas, Onion, Sardines etc?
Boi those were the glory days! It was really nice back then, as a youth-man, to have to line up in the hot sun along with Boysie, Miss Mavis' son, outside of the Knowledge Sharing Institute in Smyth Street in order for mommy to get her 3 pints of oil to fry bakes.

It was also fun for us as chirren to watch the GDF raid homes in search of Bread. Whatever bread was found by the soldiers were either confiscated (usually taken home by some of the officers) or stomped to the ground in full view of us.

Back den one of the most prevalent ailment was white-mouth! That aside, things was really nice! All ya had to do was join de PNC back then! De Comrade leader ensured all of us were fed, clothed and housed. Boi ah tell yuh! Those days were really great! Better yet! As the years went by the population grew less and our shares got larger.

But then up comes de PPP and things went hay-wire. Deh introduced press freedom now de media people abusing it! Deh free up flour, sardines etc now de protesters full-uh strength! Full so till people start using deh energy to rob and kill in de name of freedom fighting!
Deh geh back Freedie he wuk at UG now he cussing dem!
I wish we cud go back to the good old days!


  1. Oh Boy! Those were indeed the good old days. We had to wait for the Crabwood Creek Express to bring the white powdered stuff (whenen flour) so that we can make the illegal roti. Imagine in those days a having a frigging roti was illegal. As kids I used to play hide and seek, and the ban came, and we started to play hide and eat. The simple things that we take for granted today were ripped away from us. We were deprived. It was just an imagination to drink a glass of Coca Cola is those days. Then came the TV "pioneer" who scrammbled his frigging signal and forced us to buy a box so that we can see TV. He pirated signals from USA and sold it to us, and called himself a PIONEER. Oooooh those were the happy days.

  2. Burnham was bad in those days but the P.N.C has created more ruthless leaders today.
    The lord will have to have faith with us under the P.N.C