Friday, August 28, 2009

The Parrot pees pon poor Freedie!

The Parrot: Freddie hates de song, “…yuh can’t get, yuh can’t get, yuh can’t get…”

The Parrot has squawked many a times about the bitterness a “karila-saturated” Freddie would discharge in the waters of the Waterfall paper. Over the years the bitterness turned “sour” (like milk does) and has gotten vile. From bile to vile. Always without a smile, a riled Freddie would miss the point by a mile when his rants are filed and piled in a style like chequered tiles. Here is a man, like “Ruff-fella”, the LeADer of the Alliance For Corbin, who hates Uncle Bharrat administration with more passion that is found in passion fruit.

Why so much hate, Freddie? Because yuh ain’t get a duty-free letter? Because yuh partner didn’t get the UG wuk? Because yuh house wasn’t built by dem guvment boys? Because yuh have to be loyal to dem who build de house? Everybody know de story Freddie. Because yuh “sour” at de boys fuh not doing de things yuh want, yuh bitter. Because yuh bitter, yuh hate. With this, how yuh expect people fuh tek yuh seriously? Yuh ain’t expect dem fuh believe that all dem plenty wrang-up tings and buse-up yuh does throw in de Waterfall is sheer “nancy stories”? No insult intended to Nancy.

Look how everyday yuh “busing”. Freedom sweet eh? Yuh meking up fuh all dem years when Uncle Forbes and Uncle Desi shushed yuh up. Yuh “busing” till yuh forget that Uncle Forbes did banish yuh from yuh homeland. Amnesia Freddie? How yuh forgetting so conveniently? I can’t believe that because you ain’t get a duty-free letter you doing loyal duties to the Place of CONgress and the All Freddie Colleagues party! Ow, is not only lil children does behave so? When dem ain’t get something dem cry and cry and cry and throw tantrums and say “Mummy bad. Daddy bad”. Grandfather would then come and give them what they want. They now sing and sing and sing, “Grandfather good. Grandfather good good”. See the similarities Freddie?

The “grandfathers” who contributed to the construction of your cosy abode are good simply because they contributed. If they didn’t you would have thrown tantrums just like how you are throwing at Uncle Bharrat. So Freddie, when you do these things, writing with bitterness, people know it is not the real story and the real reason why you have become a source of immense bile. The old cliché of “sour grapes” which I don’t like use, just pop out of my head. Oops! Last Tuesday, you come close close to being seditious (fancy word) when you discharged the bitters in the Waterfall. Is Henry from Eve Leary reading these stories? Last Wednesday, yuh sour sour because Uncle Bob from the Place of CONgress ain’t singing your song, “Mo Fyah, slow fyah”.

Why man? Is everybody must do what you want? When they don’t, you vex up and sour up. Because Uncle Bob, (to use your words from Wednesday, August 26, 2009), “…assumed the title of statesman…”, things became different. What you wanted? You wanted Uncle Bob’s followers to march and loot and burn and beat like what happened between 1997-2001? You want Guyana to be continuously gripped by these fears? According to you, because Uncle Bob did differently, he get “…conned…” as was your headline on the date mentioned. Bannas, you is something else. The Parrot wonder when you ain’t GET (if you know what I mean) if you does refer to her as being a “con”, “an elected dictator” “worse than Forbes’ and that a “polygraph” must be taken? Eh?

Boy I can imagine how you hate Dave Martins and the Tradewinds. Not he per say, but his song with the chorus, “…yuh can’t get, yuh can’t get, yuh can’t get…” The Parrot can imagine you shouting out from yuh house and RAV-4 winda at dem boys selling CDs with music carts when they pass near you and playing “…yuh can’t get, yuh can’t get, yuh can’t get…” Tantrums? Your shoes bill down by Bhena’s must be high with all the stamping when you hear that song. To make things worse, Dave come back to live here, so the song would be heard more often!

Poor Freddie. The old people does seh, “nah worry wid he, he tap side nah right”. “Tings nah regula up deh” to tek a few words from the late Lorrie. So dem music-cart boys will have to be aware of a bitter Freddie when he is close by and they playing the song. The same for his neighbours, music stores, mini-bus and taxis. If they do play it, they would end in the Waterfall drowning in “sour” and “bitters”! Yikes! Squawk! Squawk!


  1. Freddy does talk cause he gat ah mouth! And is bare trash does come out wen he talk. For sanitary reason please use face masks when ure near to freddy!
    Of all the criticisms this man does cast ask him for one real solution—he cant even come up with one but yet he does criticize like hell!!

  2. True thing tho parrot! How can the pnc protestors protest and no one tell them anything and when ppp supporters air their concerns they have to run for their lives??
    And these are the people that always talking about freedom on expression/speech!! It looks like is only dem alone gat mouth fuh talk!!

  3. What a piece of tripe this 'critique' is - passing for satire or something. The parrot should be find better company.