Monday, August 17, 2009

Glen Lall going to the extreme in pursuit of his personal vendetta against the Government!

The Government Information Agency (GINA) yesterday issued a statement saying Kaietuer News operatives have been posing as its communication officers in order to get information for their reporting.

GINA condemns the practice.

Following is the GINA statement:

It has been brought to the attention of the Government Information Agency (GINA), that media operatives from the Kaieteur News have been impersonating Communications Officers attached to GINA in an effort to garner information in relation to their reportage. There have been many reports of impersonation of GINA employees.
GINA condemns such behaviour of the Kaieteur News operatives which goes against the principles of journalism. The Agency wishes to advise that its Communications Officers are easily identifiable by way of an official badge issued by the agency.
The General Public is also advised that if they encounter any attempts of impersonation of GINA employees to inform the Agency.
It will be recalled that when the sister of ‘Fineman’ was shot, a Kaieteur News reporter went to her home claiming to be a Stabroek News reporter.

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  1. Old habits die hard. Elections are due.
    What are the intentions of businessmen to date, Are they turning politicians too.