Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Arsonist in failed bid to burn down the University of Guyana’s Library.

At approximately 20:30hrs last evening students studying in the Science and Technology division of the University’s Library, discovered scores of books on fire on the western stairwell of the building. Unknown student(s) managed to extinguish the blaze before it spread to other parts of the building.
The Fire Service and Guyana Police Force were summoned, and responded in recording breaking time. Both entities begun their investigations and took statements from several students as well as staff of the University.
Noticeable is that all protocols and mechanisms that exist in the event of a fire at the University’s Library, were either grossly inadequate or failed miserably.


  1. I was told by some of my fellow students that Jason Benjamin was seen in and around the vicinity of the fire shortly before the alarm was raised. It would seem by all indications that a campaign is being launched by the usual anti-government hacks to destabilize Guyana and derail progress!

  2. Why would people wanna burn down UG? My Gosh! It is simply amazing the extent folks would go in an attempt to get their way. Think of all the students this would severely affect

  3. It funny how de smoke ent even clear yet and ya'll dun know who start the fire!

  4. Its amazing to the see extent some people can go to get political satisfaction...
    First the Ministry of Heath now the University...
    A country's institutions are necessary prerequisite for economic growth and productivity...persons who rather see Guyana in ashes and economic failure would target such vital institution...
    If the opposition aims in eliminating these important institutes, what would be gain...when so much would be at loss?????