Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lincoln Lewis should call on PNC/R supporters to request that transparent party elections be held!

Dr Randy Persaud: I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage Mr. Lincoln Lewis who penned a piece called “All Guyanese should support justice” in yesterday’s SN to do the right thing. Mr. Lewis should call on the long list of well wishers and supporters to phone the PNCR and request that they hold a transparent election – in their own house! Justice begins at home.

Do not forget to also write to Sir Trotman and report the issues that have been raised by Dr. Charles, and just recently, by Mr. Aubrey Norton.

If Lewis and the list of people and organisations he named as supporters are seriously interested in democracy, they should all be at the forefront demanding free and fair elections within the PNCR.

By so doing, they would provide a great service to themselves and their institutions because, as Lipset, Trow, and Coleman noted, legitimacy can help the opposition recruit members (Lipset and Lankin, 55).

This is free advice, and one would hope that the PNCR would choose the path of legitimacy, rather than the comfortable alternatives it has already perfected through years of practice.

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