Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Freddie does a u-turn!

Freddie Kissoon: " the people who were teaching members of Ocean Eleven(Freedom Fighters) the arts of politics were feeding them with voodoo political theory. These persons know nothing about Guyanese history, the political sociology of this country and how to define oppression. It is frightening what the violent youths of Buxton were educated in.

They were told the most untruthful things about the government, the business class and the East Indian community. One night five youths, including “Chip Teeth”, who was recently killed in Buxton along with Romel Reman, left Buxton and went up to Mocha. While in Mocha, they said, “Let’s go and burn down some coolie gas station.” They then went to TWO BROTHERS at Eccles and tried to torch it. Then they came to Georgetown and tried to burn a Portuguese owned gas station at the corner of Camp and New Market Streets and which has some close connection to one of the leaders in the REFORM wing of the PNC/R. These youths were being taught by men who were politically ignorant, extremist and essentially racist. The voodoo theory they taught the Buxton conspiracy was simply the language of self-destruction. Who were these teachers? We discuss them and their role in the February jail break in part two tomorrow.

Part II—A Time to Kill

IT is public knowledge that state security has put away Mr. Wild Man(Mark Benschop) not only because of what happened outside of the presidential complex last year, but also because intelligence officials knew that he made the Andrew Douglas tape in Buxton in which Douglas appeared as a freedom fighter with machine gun in hand, promising to liberate Afro-Guyanese. Afro-Guyanese, I dare say, whom he never consulted on the method he would use in securing their freedom: something that Eusi Kwayana didn’t find funny! I don’t see myself particularly as East Indian, but if anyone claims that they are liberating East Indians, can you kindly contact me at my work place and let me know what methods you are going to employ to get me my freedom. And if it involves the abuse of Afro-Guyanese, then leave me unliberated; count me as your enemy. (Read the Andrew Douglas "Hero" handbill distributed during the funeral of Douglas.)

It is when one considers the type of influence that Ocean Eleven came under that such a movement had to disintegrate into semi-civilized violence and animalistic hate against the race group that it was told stood in the way of the freedom of Black people. Take Mr. Wild Man(Mark Benschop). He wasn’t involved in the initial planning of the Mashramani ’02 jailbreak. But when Ocean Eleven(Freedom Fighters) settled down in Buxton to plan its Mansonian moonlighting (after Charles Manson, the hate-driven cultist), he was initiated into the teaching staff. It was in fact his idea along with Mr. Natty Dread(Ronald Waddel) who came up with the formula of a Douglas tape. The Buxton conspiracy was doomed from the start not only because its political agenda was subordinate to its criminal plan, but also because it had no one to instill a sense of political vision in it except Tacuma Ogunseye. For all his disagreement with me, Ogunseye stands out as the most positive, and the only positive, connection the Buxton conspiracy had. But Ogunseye’s politics though anti-criminal (yes I know you are surprised but I stand by this view) was too irrationally race-based and in the end he, too, bestowed the wrong symbol on Buxton."

NOTE: Back in June 2002 the above were views expressed and published in the Kaieteur News, as well as Guyana Chronicle by Frederick Kissoon. It is funny that what Kissoon perceives as an intervention in the running of the affairs of U.G by the Government has since caused him to be ashamed of being of Indo-Guyanese ancestry and none of his commentaries relating to the revelations of self-confessed murderer Selwyn Vaughn to date, has made mention of Ronald Waddell's involvement with the Buxton/Agricola "Freedom Fighters" who were themselves responsible for the death of hundreds of Guyanese, particularly those of Indo-Guyanese ancestry, which Kissoon himself had earlier alluded to!

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