Monday, August 17, 2009

Claims of racism are the last refuge of incompetent and hopeless politicians!

It is quite incredible that the party which moved Guyana from being the bread basket of the Caribbean to a nation poorer than Haiti can still convince some people that their candidates fail at elections only because of their race. The PNC's record in government, some insist, has nothing to do with the people’s rejection of their poor governing abilities.

In opposition, the party engaged in riotous action that involved brutal assaults on innocent people pushed a campaign of “slow-fire mo fire” and even, some believe, encouraged murderous terrorism from gangs in Buxton village. Such actions were all part of a programme meant to destabilise the country and foment an anti-democratic atmosphere through which the party might seize political power, irrespective of the will of the people.

Despite all this, I recently read a claim by a Kaieteur News columnist that Indians vote for the PPP only to keep their Black brothers out of power. How insulting.
This argument is also strange because there are Blacks in positions of power right now in government and the power of the civil service is overwhelmingly in black hands.
Indians rallied to Dr. Walter Rodney, a black man who they wanted as their leader. They felt that Rodney could have run the country better than those in government. Indians honoured and trusted Dr. Rodney. If free elections were held in Rodney’s day he would have won by a majority. Indians were confident of Sam Hinds as he took the role of interim president as per a coalition agreement with the civic component of the governing alliance.

There is evidence that a majority of Indians do not have issues with competent and honest black political leaders. (In the United States Indians voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama.)
Claiming racism, it appears, is the last refuge of incompetent and hopeless politicians and government haters who write in the press.

The Kaieteur News columnist said that the PNC has a lot gifted people who can do a better job in government than the PPP. The Alliance for Change, he claimed, has superb quality in its leadership. Perhaps it would be useful for him to spend some time introducing such folks to the rest of the nation instead of always preaching PPP hate in his column.


  1. We were so poor and downtrodden that the World Bank made a damming report against the PNC who manged the economy at that time. The report basically stated in a nutshell the the PNC's ability to manage a country was non existent which led to the collapse of the economy and infrastructure.

  2. One more term of the P.N.C will see this country in ruins. They poorly manage this country in the 60's,70's and 80's.