Monday, August 10, 2009

Poll finds that Jagdeo could easily be re-elected if given a third term!

While the opposition parties have claimed that the Jagdeo’s administration is inefficient and ineffective a recent North American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) poll has shown that the Head of State maintains immense popularity from both within and outside the People’s Progressive Party structure.

According to the poll if Mr. Jagdeo were to be the PPP/C’s candidate for the next election, voters believe he would easily win re-election as they do feel the current choices available from the opposition parties cannot defeat him.

The report of the NACTA poll further stated, when asked whether Mr. Jagdeo should be allowed to seek another term as President 47% said yes while 31% said no, with 22% offering no response.

According to a source while the Constitution does not allow President Jagdeo to run for a third term, this recent development could bring to the fore the issue of whether a referendum should be held to determine whether he should be given the chance to run for a third term based on his popularity.

This development also comes on the heels of the recent view offered by St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves that there should not be term limit for leaders within CARICOM because of an obvious shortage of quality leadership in the region. He further noted that we in the region should not follow everything which the US has adopted.

President Jagdeo for his part has publicly stated that he is not interested in a third term but the findings of this recent poll could bring some pressure on him from his supporters to perhaps reconsider his position, especially in light of the many achievements that have been made under his stewardship as President.


  1. No sleep for crabin, trotman and ramjatan, dem boys must be planning more demonstration with bigger placards.

  2. Anonymous Dem boys will call up a meeting to decide who will be the next witness to testify in court against the PPP/C on the spy equipment.Vishnu Bishram should give them a print out of all the ministers vote,so they can know who will be the next minister to aim at(blame),also they probably working on their next script at present.

  3. I think Jagdeo should be allowed to run for reelection in light of the Presidential package he is scheduled to receive at retirement. Let him earn it.

  4. The opposition should now put down their cardboard and stop making noise in front of OP and attend to what they are paid to do, Bisram should now poll the KFC and PHENC after all the antics they are performing in GT.

  5. I visited Guyana after a long time to see cricket. I was impressed with what I saw. Granted I was spending US dollars. Let the people decide using free and fair elections. You need only a representative sample to conduct a poll.

  6. There is still time,Jagdeo should run for a third term.