Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Government of Guyana rejects claims that it bought Roger Khan spy equipment !

The Government of Guyana has noted the media reports of the ongoing court proceedings in the USA which allege that the spy equipment discovered in the possession of the Roger Khan gang in Guyana was bought by the Government of Guyana from a US based technology firm.

The Government recalls that, in the past, it had encountered difficulties in importing sensitive arms and equipment into Guyana .

Its failed attempt to import MP5 weapons from the UK attests to the difficulties faced by the Guyana Government in participating in the export licensing approval schemes for sensitive arms and equipment.

The Government notes that in concluding such purchases, a supplier has to obtain from its national authorities an export licence approval.

The authorities in the exporting State usually require the authorities of the importing State to verify the authenticity of the user of such arms and equipment.

The Government of Guyana again goes on record stating that it was not a party to any transaction with the US Government agency responsible for granting export licensing for that equipment.

Thus, the Government of Guyana rejects the claim that it bought the spy equipment and again insists that there is no evidence that it was a party to any activity with the firm or US authorities in the purchase and/or importation of the equipment.

The main source of the information disclosed in the local media frenzy is Enrico Woolford, known for his anti-government journalism and reporting selectively on the ongoing trial in the USA .


  1. Alot of Guyanese are very ungrateful for what the present government has done and I think they want it back the hard way,What you guys don’t know,you all will get because all that is going on right now is the opposition game(Trick) to get the present government out of office on the next election and then it will be worst than the Burnham days.

  2. Seems like someone was doing dirty work in the name, without permission, of the government. If this is so, the government should be concerned. It’s a national security issue. Let’s wait, though, for the relevant documentary proof, such as signatures, copies of e-mail and other correspondence, etc. Roger Khan seems to be a genius at evildoing.

  3. Seeing a pattern once again where UK and US are concerned against the PPP/C Government.If I can recall it was these same to mighty mouse that installed and kept PNC Forbes Burnham and Desmond Hoyte in power.Yes you can call me a Government mouth piece but facts speak for itself.In my opinion it’s nothing but a bunch of nonsense emanating out of the mouth of reporter Enriko.To call SN a responsible news media one has to wonder.
    The Government of Guyana have all rights to slammed this as garbage coming from a NY court room.
    I too believe it all garbage.

  4. Anonymous #3 there is a difference between the events of the Jagan-led PPP in the Cold War era when the West determined not to allow Guyana to become another Cuba, and what happened under the Jagdeo-led PPP. Blatant criminality is the issue today, not ideology, and the evidence is so damning it has to make one wonder when you people will stop wearing dark shades at night on a dark street to find where you don really don’t know where you are going.

  5. We can’t believe everything we read in the press, but KN said recently that Vaughn was wanted in Guyana on several fraud charges. My,my, my, he is a real credible witness in the US courtroom , not to mention he is going into the protected witness programme with all its benefits…Oh I forgot, he wasn’t found guilty in Guyana court…