Thursday, August 6, 2009

Former Army Chief of Staff Edward Collins provided ammunition and facilitated the murderous activities of the Buxton Gang!

-Army removed beheaded cane cutters from Buxton front to backlands - Simels

Edward Collins

The Robert Simels trial for obstructing justice by intimidating witnesses continued yesterday, in the downtown Brooklyn court with Judge John Gleeson presiding.
As the case resumed Simels told the court that Roger Khan told him that he “hardwired” the then Police Commissioner Winston Felix’s phone and was able to record all his telephone calls and produced transcripts.
Simels said that he never saw the equipment used by Khan to hardwire the system. He said, too, that he did not see any of the transcripts made of the Felix’s conversations.
Simels told the court that after one of his trips to Guyana he met with the US Government cooperating witness, Selwyn Vaughn, called Fineman.
He said that he gave Selwyn Vaughn US$1,000 for travel and incidental expenses since Vaughn was to locate potential witnesses but that the money was not for a testimony from Vaughn.
He recalled after being shown transcripts of notes he made after travelling to Guyana that there was an informer who lived in Buxton.
He told the court that the man informed him that David Clarke, Gordon Benn and Edward Collins were involved in removing of the decapitated bodies of slain cane cutters from the front of the village to the backlands and that the same men, then serving members of the GDF, gave the Buxton group that were identified as the Taliban, ammunition.

He said, too, that the informer resigned from the army in September 2007 and went to Suriname where he linked up with Roger Khan.
He added that he wanted the informer to testify on the things he saw in Buxton. Simels said that he began to seek confirmation of the things that the informer said. He also made reference to a map that the informer made.

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