Wednesday, August 5, 2009

LETTER BOX: Kissoon needs an education in social research

VEDA NATH MOHABIR: I wish t respond to the KN. August 1 by Freddie Kissoon: “Thoughts that are dancing like fireflies on Emancipation Day”

The scribbler wrote: “One has to be very immoral and unintelligent and thus be mentally incapable of producing human thinking to say that in Guyana indentureship was as cruel and burdensome as slavery”. Wonder which unethical, depraved, licentious and lascivious sub-human would utter such thinking? Wonder who Mr. Kissoon is referring to, noting that “indentureship” normally applies to East Indians’ entry into Guyana?

If Mr. Kissoon were writing about indentureship, would he be so brave, “barefaced” and democratic to depict opinions of descendants and sympathizers of slavery as “immoral” and “unintelligent and thus be mentally incapable of producing human thinking” ?

Then he wrote: “I go places in Georgetown, and each time I set my eyes on the people that pass my way as I eat my food or sip on my coffee or drink my beverage, I feel the chemistry of despair discomfiting my mind as I watch who is spending money dining and who are looking like the elites in the society.
When you are a researcher in the social sciences, these class manifestations appear in front of you like wild horses.”

As a “researcher in the social sciences” does he really think his limited observation poll, and one which only canvasses a city enclave is representative of the whole of Guyana?

He further writes: “If a scholar is aware on what factors the African existence depends on in this country, then that analyst should be exceedingly concerned with the future of the African Guyanese.” Suggest Kissoon and the hypothetical “scholar” read the “Rebirth of the Black Man” by Accabre Nkofi. He can ‘google’ it on the internet.

Kissoon needs an education in social research and in Guyanese inter-ethnic economic and political history.


  1. A quick scan of some of Guyana’s online publications (and some blogs) will show clearly that a smear campaign is underway.
    The political activists engaged in this operation are posing as reporters, and under this cover they abuse the notions of press freedom to undermine national policies, and also to ridicule and taint government officials.
    These activists will cry foul and protest that it is a gross attack on freedom of journalistic expression when their political agenda is exposed.

  2. A reporter’s duty is to report the news factually and without bias. Any report in which a political slant is detected is activism and the writer should not be accredited by any respectable journalistic association. Such persons should confine their advocacy to opinion columns.
    Political activism posing as independent news reporting is a contemptible betrayal of the public trust and a dark blight on the ethics of what was once a noble profession.

  3. Another technique being used is baiting; both racial and criminal. Women, men and babies are being killed and any response by law enforcement to bring the perpetrators to justice is being highlighted as attacks on certain sections of the community. This is happening over and over again; all kinds of lawlessness are being encouraged and any retribution is painted as a generalised abuse of power. Justice for the wrongdoers is portrayed to the world as victimization.

  4. The architects of the smear campaign seem unable to recognise its futility. This programme does not engender trust for alternative governance; it is not a technique that inspires electoral victories and this will become obvious in the upcoming polls. The silent majority knows the true nature of the game that is being played.
    Any government, especially one that has been repeatedly re-elected to several terms can become such a bureaucratic mess that it can be infiltrated easily by corrupt elements in our society. Officials can become lazy and even corrupt. So a watchdog press is needed to ensure openness and accountability. However, we need to know where impartial monitoring ends and political campaigning begins.