Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The hypocrisy of some sections of the local media!

A group of people turned up outside the office of AFC leader Khemraj Ramjattan picketing and calling themselves "Concerned Guyanese" today! The media turned up in their numbers as usual! Amazingly, the first question posed by Capitol News, Kaieteur News and Prime News was "Who's funding this exercise?"

Apparently that was all that mattered to Gordon and Co! I find it very funny that similar questions are not asked in relation to Enrico's numerous visits and prolonged stay in the U.S in an effort to cover the Roger Khan trial. Similar questions should've been asked by Gordon and Co in relation to the services provided by Dick Morris to the AFC during the elections campaign of 2006. Similar questions should've been asked in relation to the AFC's placing of a very costly full page ad in several T&T newspapers during Trinidad's hosting of the OAS Summit!

The protesters were bombarded with this particular question even as they were being escorted to the station by police!

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  1. I hope that ACDA, and the PNC will stand behind them as they did for those three idiots err musketeers. Juliette Holder Allen should be in the fore frunt along with Khemraj Ramjattan urging the release of these protesters, let's see where he actually stands on this one.