Wednesday, July 1, 2009

OBSERVATION!!! De usually busy Guymedia silent on de PNC infighting!

It's funny how many our local story thirsty media houses are currently giving little or no attention to the current imbroglio within the PNC and claims of Corbin's 'rigging' of the Georgetown District elections by Aubrey Norton. Well, truthfully, the Stabroek News did set aside a 'lil' space for the story but aside from that the Parrot heard none of the usual 'squawking' from Henrico, Adumbrated Jackarse, Micheal Old and company!

Kaieteur News can be excused as they are still masturbating the auditor general's report of 2007 whilst Crapitol News continues to prostitute the Roger Khan drug case in their usual whorish fashion, but wha happen to de rest?

1 comment:

  1. De media is awfully silent for true Parrot! Deh too bust with Roger Khan and the Auditor General Report. If was a story about de guvament deh wudda dun carry it!