Tuesday, July 31, 2012

AFC members plan to take lack of accountability issue to wider membership

Liveinguyana was reliably informed that there is a group of Alliance for Change (AFC) members which plans to take to the wider membership of that party their concerns over millions of dollars in misappropriated campaign funds. Our understanding is that these individuals are not satisfied with the explanations given after almost $49M in campaign contributions were not properly accounted for during the 2011 election campaign. 
Salaudeen Nausrudeen & Gerhard Ramsaroop
Gerhard Ramsaroop, his wife and Salaudeen Nausrudeen have been fingered as the thieves. Receipts were not provided for alleged expenditure, invoices with non-existent addresses were supplied and the persons have noted the personal development of these individuals since elections despite their meager means of income prior to then.  
In May this year, AFC Region 6 Councillor Haseef Yusuf blew the whistle about corruption in the AFC camp, accusing that party’s Member of Parliament, Dr. Veerasammy Ramaya, of misappropriating $4.5 million of campaign funds in Berbice.
After pressure mounted on the AFC, it announced weeks later that it was desirous of investigating the matter but to date there has been no word from that party about the corruption scandal involving its Member of Parliament, Dr. Ramaya.
Dr. Ramaya, who hosts an AFC television programme in Berbice, absented himself from that programme for several weeks and dodged questions about his involvement in financial misappropriation.
AFC Chairman and Attorney-at-law, Khemraj Ramjattan, was also implicated in several scandals in which clients accused him of swindling them. A pensioner who has an amputated leg, Mr. Michael Taharally, and his wife, Veronica Da silva, publicly accused Ramjattan of swindling them in an estate dispute case in which he had been hired to represent their interest.


  1. Christopher Ram wrote a letter scandalling a poor Guyanese girl who must've mentioned something exposing Christopher Ram.
    The question is...How can Christopher Ram audit his own cheque payments and cash payments? Is that conflict of interest by itself?

  2. The AFC has a bunch of thieves in their party, Gerhard Ramsaroop is the chief culprit, sometime after the 2011 election Mr Balwant Persaud made a strong accusation against Gerhard Ramsaroop about $150 Million dollars which cannot be accounted for.
    These are the people who is accusing the Government of corruption shame on the AFC.