Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Chris Ram
A Liveinguyana undercover operative has revealed that Christopher 'wife beater' Ram or Lalbachan Christopher Ram(which ever one you wanna refer to him as) donated a sizable sum of money at the request of Mark Benschop to the Linden insurgency. The money is to be used for the training of a group of individuals recruited to wage war on the state and Indo-Guyanese PPP supporters. 
A few days ago we reported that Benschop was on a fundraising drive in the U.S where he collected money supposedly in aid of the relatives of the 3 persons slain during the protest.  This money is intended to fund the activities of a gang of men recruited from Linden with Benschop, Ogunseye, Hinds, Lewis and the others capitalizing on the current feelings of dissent. 

Ram was also overheard expressing satisfaction with the actions of the protesters during a telephone conversation.  


  1. Should violence escalate in Guyana someone will RAM a good wallaba post in the big ram ass hole, wa he Moses and Ramjattan shart fa dem go get

  2. Christopher Ram has plenty money to pay war criminals and he's saying Guyana is doing poor?

  3. Christopher Ram wife Ena Ram and his children Ravendra "Suicidal Hacker" Ram, Rajendra "Adecco Guyana" Ram, Christoff "Antiman" Ram, Christelle Ram, Christen Ram and Chrisette Ram shud be extradited to Guyana and face court for being supporting war crimes which Christopher Ram is endorsing by providing assistance to Mark Benschop to fund illegal militant insurgency.

  4. This is liee!!!!
    Chris Ram should send police and jail you all.
    Put ramotar, jagdeo and kwame in jail!!!

    1. Uncle Rudy days are counted he has to check on his prostate cancer before it turns bad. Too bad there's a treatment for his cancer that might make him live 10 years longer. 10 years of waste.