Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Sherlina Nageer
Today we introduce SASOD activist, Sherlina Nageer(Lesbian) as one of the authors of the nonsense written on Propaganda Press. Nageer and Imran Khan(of the WICB), are both ashamed of being Indo Guyanese so they use Propaganda Press along with Mark Jacobs to launch scathing attacks on Guyanese of Indian ancestry whom they refer to using derogatory terms. Khan(Pork Chops) is also a flaming faggot and he joined with Julian Hunte, Hilliare, Otis Gibson and the others to sideline Chris Gayle, Sarwan, Chanderpaul and Jerome Taylor from the WI team.


  1. Ramesh Seebarran told Sherlina not to allow comments that exposed Christopher Ram. Bisheswar, Seebarran & Co does auditing work for SASOD.

  2. An insider who works at Ram & Mc Rae Chartered Accountants claimed that Christopher Ram and his family are one of the aggressors and supporters of ethnic tension and violence in Guyana.
    The motive is that Christopher Ram is planning to take over the APNU leadership and also take control of Guyana.
    The APNU's blueprint for political instabilty in Guyana is:
    (1) Rig elections to make either the PPP/C lose or be a parliament minority.
    (2) Proposing budget cuts that would affect the working African-Guyanese class of people.
    (3) Christopher Ram making a false email by spoofing the email address of the PPP/C to say he is being victimised in order to gain public support.
    (4) Promoting protest in an APNU aligned community (Linden).
    (5) APNU or most likely Christopher Ram or Mark Benschop paying police to shoot the (Linden) protestors.
    (6) APNU and mouthpieces such as Frederick Kissoon claiming indirectly that racial tension exists.

    Christopher Ram is immune from being investigated by the GPF, ACCA, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Guyana and United States Drug Enforcement agency.

    Concerned people can file their grievances and complaints to Christopher Ram's ex-wife and children because they are benefitting from the blood of innocent Guyanese and drugs money from Salim Juman Azeez.

    Christen Ram:

    Christopher Rajendra Ram-

    Christoff Ram-
    christoff.ram7(at) facebook .com

    Christelle Ram-

    Ena Ram-

    Christopher Ram is creating chaos in Guyana so that he can fill his pockets with NICIL money and cocaine money from Salim Azeez!

  3. Sherlina Nageer is a worthless woman with a dildo. She should push that dildo up her mouth and stop spewing APNU propaganda and Nazi themes all over the place. Propaganda Press is inclined to APNU and they will die under APNU.