Saturday, July 28, 2012


PNCR 17th Biennial Congress
During his outgoing address at the party's 17th Biennial Congress held at Congress Place, Sophia leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Robert Corbin warned his successor to be mindful of the ‘wild men’ among them who pose as revolutionaries but have nefarious motives.

To quote his exact words Corbin said “… the wild men in our midst, some of whom pose as great revolutionaries, when in fact they are agents of the enemy”, while warning that these men must not be trusted for he believes that it is those very men who have caused “unnecessary deaths of our comrades in various struggles”.
This charge by such an influential person in the 'know' comes at a time when just recently 3 persons lost their lives during a protest in the PNC stronghold of Linden. This was after extremists elements incited Lindeners to protest a government decision to bring that community's electricity tariff in line with the rest of the country. David Granger(handpicked by Corbin) had initially agreed to the tariff increase but was forced to back-track after David Hinds, Freddie Kissoon, Mark Benschop, Lincoln Lewis, Tacuma Ogunseye and Aubrey Norton told Lindeners they were betrayed. Corbin's deliberate use of 'wild men' is similar to Freddie Kissoon's application of the term to describe Mark Benschop during a series of articles detailing his(Benschop) involvement with the Mash Day Prison escapees. Benschop also led a group of protesters who stormed Office of the President resulting in 3 deaths.

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