Tuesday, July 24, 2012

JOKE OF THE DAY:Lurlene Nestor says PNC/R remains the most progressive political party in current day Guyana

This has to be the biggest fucking joke so far. This unbridled nonsense was spouted in the Kaieteur News by Lurlene Nestor Cinder-gorilla


  1. Yes then why is Mark Benschop and Christopher Ram funding the illegal activities of insurgents to create instability in Guyana? Read Freddie Kissoon conspiracy theory---he obviously forgot to mention that APNU and Christopher Ram are behind the police shootings at Linden!

  2. Guyanese should start to protest in front of Freddie Kissoon, Mark Benschop and Christopher Ram's house and 100% gaurantee that those opposition mouthpieces will send target squads to disperse the crowd.
    Christopher Ram wife and children living the big life in Florida using moneys pilfered from NICIL, Hotel Tower under receivership, Guyana Lawn Tennis and Institute of Chartered Accountants of Guyana treasury.
    ACCA is unable to investigate Christopher Ram because of red tape.

  3. AFC and predator behvaior:

    Glenda Obermuller ‎Tamara Deokumarie where exactly in Charity are you from?
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    Tamara Deokumarie OMG it's how many comments I'm getting here?
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    Winston Argyle pleasd find the sentence where there is a call for violence..i am unable to locate it..or them..
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    Khan Mohamed You are a QC girl answer the questions lol
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    Tamara Deokumarie ‎Glenda Obermuller why wud I give my address online public? Do you know the risks of giveing my personal information?
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    Winston Argyle forget that...its a distraction
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    Tamara Deokumarie ‎"Put this suckers in jail" is a hate crime because it's insulting gays.
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    Glenda Obermuller LMAO
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    Winston Argyle ‎"sucker"..is insulting to gays?..
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    Tamara Deokumarie ‎Winston Argyle do I have a right not to give my information out? Who are you to ask me for information?
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    Winston Argyle i didnt ask you for shit
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    Tamara Deokumarie ‎Winston Argyle the word was c*cksuckers. I dont post offensive material on blogs.