Friday, July 20, 2012

Granger, Roopnarine, Hinds, Lewis & Kissoon's presence in Linden during unrest wasn't by coincidence.

It wasn't by mere coincidence that APNU leader David Granger and his deputy Rupert Roopnarinre were in Linden during the opposition-led protest which resulted in several deaths, burning of buildings and destruction to private and public property.
Granger and Roopnarine along with their instigators Mark Menschop, Lincoln Lewis , David Hinds and Freddie Kissoon were their egging on the protesters with the hope that it produce the exact result. In fact Granger who is currently jostling Carl Greenidge for the PNC leadership used the Linden protest to regain ground lost to Greenidge's parliamentary charades.

Kissoon, Hinds, Benschop and the others are not satisfied that the outcome of general elections in 2011 gave the combined opposition a one seat majority in parliament and have been clamouring for a Libyan styled revolution in Guyana. It is these agents who terror who fanned the flames of disunity and race hate in during the protest and it is also this bunch which directed which places were to be made targets in the violence that erupted afterwards.


  1. Moderator I think that you have leave out the name Gherald Ramsaroop from the line up. He is the one who had a lot to do with the protest, this guy is causing a lot of problem in Guyana inciting racial violence.

  2. You forgot Christopher Ram who is secretly cutting the budget using AFC and APNU as pawns:

    Meet Christopher Ram. Owner of Ram & Mc Rae Chartered Accountants since 1985 (the year of his deportation from Grenada), this accountant has been known to have abused his wife Ena Ram for several years ever since he had a sexual affair with his former employee Asmita Chand in 1999.

    Christopher Ram writes in the Stabroek News in the Business Pages column. Unfortunately, a majority of his published material are biased in nature and seeks to intimidate any Guyanese business entity who is not his client.

    Any legitimate business owner would know that accountants like Christopher Ram use the protection and immunity from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Guyana (ICAG) to go about dealing transactions with money launderers, drug traffickers and organised criminals.

    One example was when Christopher Ram was appointed Trustee of the receivership Hotel Tower Limited. In 2008, during the liquidation process, Christopher Ram confided with another chartered accountant named Ramesh Seebarran to allow local drug baron Salim Juman Azeez to purchase Hotel Tower even though Cara Suites was the rightful bidder.

    Christopher Ram was alleged to have paid the magistrate to vote in favor of Christopher Ram in 2012 during the court case in which Cara Suites was the plaintiff and Christopher Ram was the defendant.

  3. The APNU can really motivate its supporters to do destructive things. Then all that money to rebuild and clean up the mess...the opposition might want to reduce funds...greedy pigs are APNU, Khemarj Ramjattan, Mark Benschop, Christopher Ram, et al.