Monday, July 23, 2012


The duplicitous nature of the Alliance For Change(AFC) has been exposed once again. Even as rabid racist Nigel Hughes, Freddie Kissoon, Benschop and the others continue to urge on Lindeners in their relentless pursuit for free electricity Moses Nagamootoo and Khemraj Ramjattan are in the villages in Berbice urging its mostly East Indian population to rise up if the government backs down from its current stance in Linden.
What they aren't telling their audience that it was the AFC which incited Lindeners against the gradual tariff increase which the APNU initially agreed to but backed out after the AFC told Lindeners that they sold them out . It was Ramjattan who told Lindeners that they were being punished due to their race and support for the opposition. It was Nagamootoo who spoke about Lindeners rising up to confront the PPP/C government.   
They then unleashed Nigel Hughes who has a policy which prohibits the employment of Indos at his office to fan the flames of racial hatred. 

Then their agents in media took to the various social networks making comparisons about police and government responses in Linden and Tain in 2007 further adding fuel to the already burning fire. 

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