Sunday, July 22, 2012

GT&T monopoly unlawful - High Court

Since Yog decided to 'Switch it up' everything seems to be switching up for the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GT&T) company.A DSL subscriber on Friday won decision in his favour when Justice Rishi Persaud found that the company acted unlawfully when it blocked his internet access after he used it to make calls over the internet.
Justice Persaud found that the use of an internet-based calling service by subscriber James Samuels was not identified as a telecommunications service under the law and he also upheld the contention that GT&T’s telecommunications service monopoly is unlawful and in breach of the Civil Law of Guyana Act.
The ruling awarded $850,000 in damages to Samuels, who subscribed to a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Service provided by a US company, after his GT&T internet service was installed. The VOIP service enables a subscriber to send and receive voice communication electronically over the internet by use of a personal computer. It is widely utilised at internet cafes across the country, which has seen protests and actions to block usage by GT&T over the years as a result of losses of revenues for international calling.

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  1. Great post, this sounds like a great service! The subject of making a international call has come up a lot in my household lately because some people have been outsourced at my job and I might be next. So I have been reading what I can find on the subject, that's how I came across your blog-post and I'm happy i did because this was a huge help and very interesting. Thank you for sharing this with us!