Monday, July 30, 2012

Nigel Hughes force relatives of slain Lindeners to sign agreement that would give him 60% of compensation money

Cocaine Lawyer Nigel Hughes during one of his racist rants in Linden
Bramma's cocaine lawyer Nigel Hughes has made contingency legal arrangements with the relatives of 3 persons shot during the Linden protest. This means, by way of agreement signed, Hughes has positioned himself to get a substantial percentage of any compensation to be paid by the state. We were told that he could receive as much as 60%.  

This revelation is in indication of where Hughes' real interest lies. It seems more a case of personal interest instead of the images of genuine humanitarian concern which he currently projects. An observer also noted that Hughes' colleague and AFC leader Khemraj Ramjattan performed a similar act during the case of the tortured teen Twyon Thomas. Though Thomas failed to show up in court on 17 occasions after being was paid off by the accused in his case Ramjattan tried valiantly to collect the  $6.5 million in compensation he was awarded.

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