Tuesday, July 24, 2012

GPSU's call for higher wages is just the occasion for escalating the ongoing war

GPSU leader-for-life Patrick Yarde with PNC leader Robert Corbin
The GPSU has just announced they’re not going to go along with the government’s annual five per cent salary increases. Patrick Yard, the leader-for-life of the GPSU, declared that this year, they’ll be demanding 25 per cent increases!! You can see the direction the wind is blowing from the opposition camp.
The GPSU obviously believe that the government’s back is against the wall – beleaguered as it is with the Linden protests; the corruption charges and the ‘racist’ tag that the opposition is trying to pin on them in the wake of the Chronicle editorial. The GPSU has never been shy to declare where its political heart lay: firmly and irrevocably in the opposition camp. Over the past few years, Jagdeo had checkmated the union by his bold actions in seizing the initiative.
Patrick Yarde wants to test President Ramotar and believes that the latter’s administration might not want to fight on another front. The government might just roll over and play dead in the face of the GPSU’s protests in Georgetown. But the call for higher wages is just the occasion for escalating the ongoing war; the cause is to remove the government from office. And to ensure that the protests spread from Linden to Georgetown. So what if it further splits the country?

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