Monday, July 30, 2012


Robert Corbin managed to rig another PNCR internal election. Corbin installed his 'creature' David Granger as party leader and also foisted the rest of his sub-subservient clique to leadership positions within that fledgling political party. As is the norm at every election involving the PNC, there were claims of voters list padding, voting by ineligible pro-Corbin/Granger supporters as well as other discrepancies. 
Several recounts of the ballot delayed the declaration which was finally done this morning. 
In the run up to the election there were numerous allegations that the entire Corbin-controlled PNC apparatus was being used in support of Granger's campaign.

Granger now hold 3 hats; leader of the opposition, APNU chairman and PNCR leader, and received many  criticisms for contesting the party's leadership. Former parliamentarian James Mc Allister who was recalled from parliament after a fall-out with Corbin recently wrote a letter in which he was critical of Granger's quest to hold all 3 positions. Mc Allister said "any Leader of the PNCR who doubles as Chairman of APNU would have difficulties defining the boundaries of what is PNCR and what is APNU; where to walk with Basil Williams and where to walk with Dr David Hinds; how to go into the regions to rebuild the party structure and win support for the PNCR without partners in APNU concluding that the chairman is using the grouping’s goodwill for the PNCR’s benefit and demanding to be involved".

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