Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2000 jobs found this year by Gov't agency!

Government says that it has placed more than 2,000 persons in jobs so far for this year. That is a record number for the 10 ten years, according to the Ministry of Labour.
Minister of Labour, Manzoor Nadir, in the release, said that he is pleased with the performance of the Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency – the government’s job placement agency.
According to Minister Nadir, the 2,000 mark has much significance. “It shows that the economy has been performing well and that persons, both employers and jobseekers are placing much confidence in the services of the Agency. The overwhelmingly majority of the jobs come from the private sector and the job seekers come from all sectors and sections of our people.”
The result has been because of the hard work of the staff and outreach campaigns during the past two years, the statement said.
Figures provided by the Ministry yesterday indicated that in 2009, some 2,673 persons asked the agency to find jobs for them with 2,006 of them finding placements.
This is against 2,342 applying to the Ministry last year with 1,650 of them getting jobs.
Since 2001, there has been a steady rise to the number of applicants going to the Ministry for jobs. In 2001, some 1,426 applied for jobs with 679 successful in being placed.
In 2007, there was a significant jump in the number of person applying for help with 2,334 of them applying against 1,352 of the previous year.
In 2007, the Ministry said that 1,454 got jobs when compared to the 991 in 2006.


  1. This is and will always be a working class Government, so once people are interested in working, this Government will be committed to them. So instead of stupidly protesting to fill the pockets of Corbin and Basil the PNC supporters should do what those 2000 persons have done.

  2. Exactly, the PNC supporters should go and work, they always want everything meet them to their mouths, I hope this proves to them how much as happen in the years gone by due to our Government that is of course through its achievements. It’s like that saying "God helps does who help themselves", this can apply to the increases of jobs by our government.....

  3. Another improvement and this was actually one of the main drawbacks for this country but we are progressing as of recent with these figures, it tells a lot with the employment sector. People migrating for jobs can think twice before they do so, and I know for a fact our government doesn’t want unemployment to prevail, so there is a chance for those who are seeking jobs.