Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Freddie Kissoon, UG, Kaieteur News and a tangled web!

Freddie Kissoon: No newspaper editor would tolerate a journalist that invented a story about an eminent professor nominating a country’s president for the Nobel Prize and retain that staff member. You are talking about peremptory dismissal. So we are left with two questions. Did Dabydeen do it? Did Stabroek News invent it? Can someone demarcate this labyrinthine pathway? The implications are destructive for both Dabydeen and the Stabroek News. If Dabydeen did it, then told one of the Caribbean’s most admired sons that he didn’t, then it is time the governors of Warwick University come into play. To have a high-level professor nominate President Jagdeo for the Nobel Prize, then deny it to a Caribbean citizen who is quite known to the governors of Warwick University, and to add insult to injury used the name of Warwick University to deny it certainly calls for an investigation into Dabydeen’s contact If Dabydeen is truthful, then Stabroek News has committed an infamy. The newspaper’s editors may not have been involved because any reporter can create a fiction that appears factual and how would the editors know that a fiction has been committed. It has happened to the best newspapers in the world, including the New York Times that has been hit twice by outright shameless subterfuge on the part of two of its journalists.

Note: Then how does the Kaieteur News tolerate Freddie Kissoon?
Countless persons of good academic standing have highlighted Kissoon's daily misinformation and inaccuracies time and time again yet he is still there spewing his bile.

Also, where was the University of Guyana governing council when Kissoon alleged that Washington based Guyanese letter writer Errol Arthur was a PPP ghost writer and refused to apologize even though countless others testified to Arthur's existence and his non-PPPness?


  1. this man is crazy, kissoon suffering from amnesia

  2. this prick ed forget the destruction of the rail system is the biggest mistake that is still affecting guyana progress.
    this man need to under go psychological help.

    national service was another, good concept but were incorrectly apply. that was to isolate and deprive the indo women from going to UG or the teaching profession.
    his 20 year old so enter if it still exist and come out with a 7lbs in her hand, how he would like that.