Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Police closer to building a case against Benschop as investigations continue into the murder of Joel Fraser.

Benschop, the wife beater/sweet-man murderer is hard at work in his effort to discredit the sex tape sent to us via e-mail which contains two teenage females engaging in a sex act, one is purportedly the daughter of a local columnist. Benschop's website, which has a noticeable penchant for spreading falsities, slander etc, quotes an unnamed senior police officer in a manner similar to the Kaieteur News, who indicates that the two females on the tape are the daughters of two city businessmen and that the police are investigating Kwame Mc Coy's publication of the tape via this site.

This, like most of the skunt that emanates from Benschop's cock sucking mouth is a blatant lie, as checks have revealed that no such investigation was launched by the police and we also wish to state categorically that KWAME MC COY is not in any way associated with this blog.
Such a claim is often made to discredit our efforts here which is aimed at giving the other side of the coin, much to the annoyance of Benschop and others of his ilk who are of the belief that they have a monopoly on propaganda and misinformation.

However, we have also learnt that the police are close to building a case against Benschop as investigations continue into the murder of Joel Fraser, who was fucking Benschop's ex-wife Maria. The police are looking for a suspect known only as 'buck man', whom they allege to be Benschop's handyman and was fingered as the killer.


  1. ITs about time that they build the case against cause this sick bastard still roaming free.Which he is actually hiding due to the fact that there is evidence that link him to the killing of his man in law.

  2. Benschop would say and do anything just to dissuade the people from believing his evil and vindictive acts. I hope the police hurry and pull this case together and put the man in jail for life…it’s just a an eye sore to see him always reaching the news for some kind of uncalled accusations against the government of Guyana and his party.

  3. We had the Ministry of Health fire, the Kwame Mccoy saga for which Benschop claimed responsibility; an act orchestrated against a senior Government functionary in which several actors were paid sums to concoct a story aimed at undermining the Government’s credibility, now we have this murder, the police should arrest him and put him away permanently.

  4. Benchop is guilty of the claim, do you think that Mark Benchop would have taken this accusation easily? Come on man even cocked eye Ramjattan could tell you know!!!