Monday, December 7, 2009

Which Lawyer in the AFC manipulated the justice system to deny another Guyanese of the sacred right to ownership of her properties?

Prakash Persaud: The adversarial statements against the Guyana Government by the Alliance For Change (AFC) in the Trinidad press seem to indicate that the leadership of that Alliance is fetching a heavy load of self imbued flattery, which causes them to believe that they have the confidence and trust of the Guyanese population in order to gain the required respect for a place of governance of our country.
That leadership is no doubt frantically searching for ammunition in the Roger Khan /Simels trial in order to divert Guyanese attention from its silence on the issue of the perjury and fraud that I exposed.
However, it seems that those headmen lack the prudence to recognise that their search cannot help them, but it would rather only lead them to damp squibs for further embarrassments; because unlike the courts in Guyana, the all American Jury who disbelieved the licensed lawyer - Simels concluded that he violated the public’s trust and his oath, and so he was penalized with a sentence of 14 imprisonment. But yet, to suit the agenda of the fraternal bullies here, they are trying to brainwash people to accept Simel’s false testimonies.
Anyway, I hope that my fellow Guyanese would recognise how the key leaders of the AFC are maneuvering to sidetrack the atrocious actions of their related attorney-at-law who illegally manipulated the justice system here to deny another Guyanese of the sacred right to ownership of her properties.

Unfortunately, even though our administrators of justice are aware of that violation, that attorney-at-law is still practicing in the courts of Guyana. May I therefore refer to the Simel’s case again and quote from the SN report of 3rd December, 2009 what the prosecutor said of Simels former assistant Arianne Irving — he said incarceration is necessary and the fact that she is “utterly devoid of remorse for her actions and has failed to demonstrate even the slightest contrition, should weigh heavily in favour of a significant sentence”. This statement strikes a cord in my case, since that disgraced woman attorney-at-law blatantly continued to commit the fraud over a 20-year period without any remorse or compassion, although she was aware that I was taking steps to block her illegal actions.
But this is in Guyana, and not Simel’s country where fraternity is not a consideration for justice.
Pertaining to this very issue, letter writers suggested that President Jagdeo, who has this country to run, should deal with these rogue lawyers.
However, I am certain that President Jagdeo is fully aware of the fact that unless the judicial system is cleansed of these scoundrels, they can torpedo the benefits that can accrue to this country by his much touted worldwide Low Carbon Development Strategy.
Proper jurisprudence is an integral part of successful governance.
Whatever, I shall continue to look at the unfurling of further intrigues and developments in this matter.

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