Monday, December 28, 2009

Who has high expectations of Kaieteur News?

Twenty-four pages of precious newsprint – in colour, to boot, dedicated to lampooning persons with public profiles.

But the first page should have started with Glenn Lall, followed by Freddie Kissoon, then Adam Harris, because, if anyone is great subject for caricaturing, it is this trio.

Christmas is a day for peace and goodwill, but the contentious tribe at Kaieteur News only gives lip service to this concept. They publish their lies and twisted truths throughout the year and did not even have the grace or charity to let up even on Christmas Day. The holidays of their victims most likely would have been spoiled, because victims of viciousness are always distressed by vindictive and malicious acts, so whatever feeling of euphoria the spirit of Christmas may have engendered in those targeted by the funny (not ha-ha, but peculiar) creatures at Kaieteur news, would most likely have been dissipated by these ugly caricatures splashed on the Kaieteur pages for the world to see.

But who expects anything uplifting from Kaieteur News when one considers the persons behind the paper?

They are the friends of choice of murderers and thieves, because they are the ones who purport to be trusted by the killers and criminals in the nation enough to be called by the latter whenever the desperadoes have information or warnings they consider momentous or dire enough to want to impart to the public, and the discerning have taken cognizance of this fact.

Pontius Pilate washed his hands, an act with which he presumably washed away the guilt of the Lord’s torture and crucifixion, but he was no less guilty of murder of an innocent as Macbeth’s wife was, and no amount of washing, nor mutterings of “Out, damn spot!” could make either less culpable.

Thus it is that those at Kaieteur News who pretend to be incorruptible are some of the most corrupt individuals in Guyana, as their wives and close associates would confirm; and while one would appreciate a real expose of those who misuse or abuse national assets, stories published in Kaieteur News are most often suspect because of the many instances they have distorted the truth and fabricated evidence, sometimes by photo-shopping pictures to present their “proofs”, and sometimes by unverifiable and unsubstantiated “facts” presented with a holier-than-thou aura by persons whose background and history cannot stand any kind of scrutiny – public or private.

However, while the discerning has grown to expect no better from the tabloid, no-one expected this level of gutter-journalism on the holy day of celebration of all that the Prince of Peace, love and charity represents.

Sure, they may have had a lot of laughs putting together their billious fare, which may in turn have elicited a lot of laughs from others like-minded, but the decent persons - Christian or non-Christian, would have been utterly disgusted by Kaieteur News for spoiling the spirit of Christmas to this extent.

And even Freddie did not disappoint with his usual nasty fare – a platter of gloom and doom served with a side dish of an attack on Chinese products.

But I am pretty sure the rum flowed freely at Kaieteur News, because that is the extent to which they understand the “spirit” (pun intended) of Christmas.


  1. On a day which everyone should be enjoying but has Kaieteur always do by spreading their ginch feeling of spoiling some people christmas cheer by tarnishing some people of the government and other prominent figure of society.I guess that this is all that this newspaper can do, they have no shame or respect for the holy day.but just want to get their twisted and untrue stories out to the public.

  2. Over the years the paper has earned the reputation of sensationalising even the simplest of issues. This is in keeping with the potency of such practices being translated into financial gains. Tabloids in North America and Europe have shown how enormous the financial gains are. Doing so at such a time then should come as no surprise.

  3. Time will tell for everything.
    KN has emerged into a some what gossiping paper instead of informative. There standards and sales have dropped due to their quality of ink, you can't even read the propaganda that well. I guess Mark has backed out from their gang so the funds to continue spread their scandals have decreased.

  4. Boycott the Kaieteur News, it is being run on drug money.
    Glen Lall, Adam Harris, Freddie Kissoon and Dale Andrews are all financial terrorists.
    Adam Harris is a cave man and should be trated as a cave man, Freddie is no better.
    The U.S should revoke Glen Lall's visa for exporting cocaine to the US.

  5. It has been a year long of misery by this newspaper for reputable officials under the government all because of the lies and scandals they propagate in there papers, so what good could the public expect of this paper nothing other than evil springing from there limbs to this dirty newspaper. Good will never come to them...they better take that in mind.

  6. who in there right mind would ever want to hold high expectation under KN, if there is possible any individual of such, then they got to be out of there minds as well, because look at the owner, he is a an oblivious asshole, the Columnists he has writing for the paper, thief man Freddie who carries the siblings of Bencock, then they got Adam Harris the ugliest Muda F**ker there is, all they do write a bundle of shit, thieving stories and lying to the people, people like these don’t harvest Christmas cheers, they are Satan’s children, good will never come out of them…

  7. It looks like the shoe is on the other foot.
    I think it's Adam who needs to go to monkey mountain!!!