Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Benschop threatens his ex-wife!

We have received reports that Maria Benschop is allegedly being threatened by her ex-husband Mark. She has reportedly received several calls from Mark who is in the U.S. supposedly to raise funds for the tortured teen in an attempt to dissuade her from divulging what she may know about the death of her lover, local actor Joel Fraser.


  1. what else could the public expect, why he fled the country at the said moment of the murder, can’t just be for fund for the tortured kid. It just proves it more obvious because he now calling his ex-wife not to say anything from what she may know. Well the truth is going to surface very soon.

  2. For the same reasons jagdeo fled the country and there is a big massacre

  3. Maria should record the calls from Benschop and play them to the police. She should burn a CD and take it to the Office of the President just like Benschop did with the supposed Kwame call.