Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Whom the Gods want to destroy they first make mad.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Fredrick Kissoon, University of Guyana Lecturer and Kaieteur News Columnist. NO doubt about it. He is mad – rabidly so, infectiously so; because he injects the prurient matter from his infected brain through his poisonous pen, vilifying the character of everyone who does not glorify him or those whom he supports.

Paying the venomous bilge he daily spews any heed would merely serve to feed his overbloated ego, which, if it explodes from attention, would be like all the cesspits raining their effluent into the national psyche, even those of the young and innocent and vulnerable.

He proclaims his innocence like Macbeth’s wife, although the bloodguilt of wrongdoings periodically rises like specters to haunt him.

He is a thief and a liar who twists truth into a convoluted macabre dance that would put any exponent of limbo to shame.

He is also a coward, because he did not stay and fight Burnham’s suppression, which denied him a job and forced him into exile; but he is so thoroughly dishonest that he curses the ones who affords him the freedom to spew his daily doses of poison, and to earn an income far exceeding that of the average Guyanese, even though he does not conscientiously deliver the quality of service for which he receives an almost princely salary and a plethora of benefits.

He lived like a pauper, the life of a near-vagrant, during the days of the administration he is now praising, and currently lives in a mini-mansion and drives in luxurious splendour on roads that he daily curses, many of which were not negotiable by even pedestrians during the regime he is currently elevating.

He is the ultimate hypocrite who writes about corruption, even while he has a history of cleverly strategising to steal – in this country and out, yet dares to question the morals and ethics of others.

He kisses other men whilst praising himself for being an exemplary family man, and reaps the benefits and rewards of all the things that he criticises and condemns.

A popular saying – show me your company and I will tell you what you are should indicate to the relevant department in the health sector that he is in dire need of the services of Dr Bhiro Harry.

He was sidelined when he wanted to be recognised as a powerhouse in Guyana’s social world and as a result his bile is swamping his reason, and the biliousness has drowned his intellect, if he ever possessed one, that is.

The fact that everything that he writes today is in direct contrast with what he wrote in the past, only because he was not treated like a hero.

His ego could not stand it, so he has aligned himself with an entity which badmouths this country to strangers in vainglorious efforts to denigrate others whose stature they cannot aspire to, hence the descent into the cesspools of the criminal cabal – fitting company indeed.

One hopes his infectious madness can be cured; but it is a worse disease than HIV/AIDS, so one should not hate but pity him, because the poor mad-afflicted fellow is following the logical path of those whom the gods want to destroy.


  1. Wow Freddie, they put together an interesting article that describes your character repulsively, but it all true man. You know you have passed for a psychedelic freak, go get counseling or join the mad house, it would do you better plus save people form your stupidity form what you write in the newspaper and teach at the university.

  2. The writer left out one important thing. Didn't Freddie hint some time ago he was sodomized for something or the other?